Download Visual Boy Advance 2.0.2 Windows 32-bit

Visual Boy Advance- M 32-bit 2.0.2

If you want to use Visual Boy Advance- M 32-bit 2.0.2 on your Windows devices to play Visual Boy Advance games, then download it right now.

Visual Boy Advance-M 32-bit 2.0.2 is a great emulator for Game Boy and GameBoy Advance systems console games it was developed by ZachBacon, it is compatible with Android, Windows, and macOS devices, this emulator is a simple and powerful emulator, the user is completely allowed to play nearly all GBA ROMs from the Nintendo’s popular game boy devices, it perfectly works like an original Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance GBA Emulator and it is the best game catalogs for the portable devices and also restores the old Visual Boy Advance emulator

Visual Boy Advance- M 32-bit 2.0.2 Preview

It contains so many excellent features that are more helpful to the players to play games from the Game Boy Catalog, out of all the features the audio and video record feature is an excellent one that records the game screen without taking help from the external apps, the user can record the videos rather than  taking the screenshots and also save the game by using the save state feature so you can play the game at any time as you wish, the user can also activate and utilize the premium cheat codes and enjoy the games with the help of some awesome hidden features

What is Visual Boy Advance- M 32-bit 2.0.2?

While compared to the Visual Boy Advance 64-bit emulator, the 32-bit GBA Emulator is perfectly workable on windows with high quality and also give cross-platform support to Gameboy Advance Emulators that are only available at  for several platforms to access the favorite games by using the premium features

It requires ROMs to play games and the user can play the games online within the browser, it is an excellent and popular game emulator for Game Boy titles, you can freely play retro-style, pixelated games on the PC’s large screen, it supports a lot of Game Boy titles along with Super Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda and much more, if the user interested or wants to play the adventure games, car racing games or arcade games and searching for the suitable emulator to play for that type of people the Visual Boy Advance -M 32-bit 2.0.2 is the best choice with the help of this emulator you can easily retrieve the adventurous games.

Technical Specifications:

The basic information of Visual Boy Advance 2.0.2 Windows 32-bit is

  • Emulator Name: Visual Boy Advance- M 32-bit 2.0.2
  • Version: 2.0.2
  • Size: 2.27MB
  • Cost: Free
  • Platform: Windows, Linux
  • Console: Gameboy Advance
  • Developed By: ZachBacon

Features of Visual Boy Advance- M 32-bit 2.0.2:

The excellent features of Visual Boy Advance- M 32-bit 2.0.2 are

  • This emulator supports Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance ROMs
  • Also, give support to Super Game Boy and Super Game Boy 2 border and color palette
  • For Joystick it gives external support
  • By using this emulator the user can get the hacking and debugging tools along with loggers, viewers, and editors, etc
  • It supports full screen/ auto-rotation mode
  • Without using any external apps the user can record both audio and video
  • To increase the performance of the display, it contains some Graphic filters
  • This emulator can also give support to Game Shark for Game Boy Advance and Code Breaker
  • You can access the advanced cheat codes for free of cost only in the Windows version
  • It perfectly records audio in WAV format and video in AVI format
  • This emulator has a Game Boy Printer emulation

How to Download Visual Boy Advance – M 32- bit Emulator on Windows?

For the successful download of the Visual Boy Advance -M 32-bit Emulator on Windows, the user must follow the below  simple steps carefully

  • First of all, Download and run the Visual Boy Advance- M 32-bit 2.0.2 on Windows
  • Here we are providing the download button for Visual Boy Advance- M 32-bit 2.0.2, simply tap on the button
  • After completion of the download, extract the zip file into the new folder
  • Next, you must tap on the Visual Boy Advance- M 32-bit 2.0.2.exe file and it takes few seconds to load the Emulator Window screen
  • Done, we are successfully run the emulator, so it’s time to add the arcade ROM files to play games

How to Load Visual Boy Advance ROMs files on VBA Emulator on Windows?

To play the games on the VBA emulator the user must download the ROMs files

  • Open the VBA Emulator on Windows
  • Then on the Emulator screen, move to the File option that is located on the top bar
  • Next, select and tap on the Load ROM files and Run option or simply select the Load ROM files option that is shown on the File menu options
  • If the device is having ROM files, then you must navigate to the Export Window screen and select the Game files ( Present it supports .gba / .agb / .Zip / .elf / .bin / .rom format files)
  • If not don’t worry you can easily download the ROMs files, just go and visit the official page of the GBA ROMs and  freely download the favorite Arcade games
  • Finally, bring the Game files and run the favorite and popular Pokemon games and enjoy the advanced features for free of cost.

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