Electra Remover

Electra Remover

If you want to Unjailbreak or Remove Cydia from your iDevices without restoring, then Download Electra Remover to Unjailbreak your iDevices.



Looking to unjailbreak your iOS device or remove Cydia from your device without restoring? Well, don’t worry because the Electra Remover has your back to help you do the same. You can simply use the Electra Remover to unJailbreak your iOS device and remove Cydia from your iDevice.


  1. Undo your jailbreak used to sound impossible a few years back. But let me tell you that nowadays it is absolutely possible with the Electra Remover. It helps you unJailbreak your iOS device and remove Cydia from your device that too without even restoring it.
  2. Unjailbreaking your iOS device is going to be harder then jailbreaking it. But as long as you have the Electra Remover, you don’t have to worry. Because it makes it very easy and allows you to do the same in a few simple steps only.
  3. Completely free of cost software. You don’t need to spend even a single penny on the Electra Remover.  It is free of cost and helps you do whatever you want.
  4. Very easy to download. You can download it on a single tap. Also, it is a very lightweight software so it will be so beneficial for you and that’s for sure.

How to Use Electra Remover

Before going to Install Electra Remover please ensure that you have followed the below-given steps.

  • If you have a passcode on, then login to iCloud and check whether Siri is enabled or not. If enabled then you have to remove it and back to signout from iCloud and Disable Siri.
  • Now Turn on Airplane Mode and make sure your iDevice is in Jailbreak state because here you have to launch Cydia.
  • Now navigate to the search bar and search for the substitute to remove all the substitutes if you have any. After deleting substitutes, that will leads to delete all the tweaks that you have installed before. When you’re prompted restart your springboard.
  • Here launch Cydia and navigate to the installed tab, where you can see the tweaks and apps which are installed before. In the search tab of Cydia, you are going to look for the five packages. whether you have installed all the packages or not is not the issue here, the matter is you’re going to remove the ones you do have installed.
  • Here you can also search for the Cydia (GUI Only), Cydia Compatibility Package, Substrate Compatibility Layer, Tech support framework, and libpacageinfo.
  • This process if removing, disabling, and modify will continue till you have grouped the tweaked which you have installed before and remove it from Cydia. You can also delete the packages one-by-one where you don’t need to group them.
  • Now we can launch Electra Remover and let it do its thing.

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