If you want to manage your iDevices from your Windows and macOS, then Download i4Tools For Windows and macOS and Manage your iDevices.



The i4 app enables you to place amazing digital 3D models in the real-world environment. It does the same using Augmented reality. Not only that, but you can also import your own 3D model and simply place them using the AR. Along with it, you also get many editing options that help you make the model small or large and many more.


  1. Enables you to place the most amazing 3D models in the real-world environment.
  2. Scale and rotate the most amazing 3D models as and when you want and in the way, you like to see it.
  3. Supplement your amazing models with the documents, web-links, images, audios as well as the most amazing videos.
  4. Available for all the iOS devices. It is compatible with all the iOS versions. So you can simply download this amazing app from the Apple App Store itself.
  5. Enables you to load your own models in OBJ and FBX models. Allowing you to locate your own 3D model in the real-world environment as well.
  6. Very lightweight application. So it won’t take much of the space inside your phone. Simply download it and start using it. Memory issues are not going to be there for you at all.

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