RascalBoy Advance Emulator

RascalBoy Advance Emulator

RascalBoy Advance Emulator is one of the best and high-performance Nintendo GameBoy Advance Emulator it was developed by Lino Maglione, especially for the Windows platform, this emulator is the best GBA emulator that is used to emulates almost all the original GBA functions and also allowed users to play the popular Pokemon games such as Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon FireRed, etc for free of cost, compare to other emulators this emulator is a best GBA game console emulator

It perfectly emulates the DreamGBA features with high performance and supports native multiplayer and also allows users to connect with 4 copies by using the special plugin and it is the best alternative for Visual Boy Advance and features and emulation is almost the same and supports languages too, With the help of this emulator the user can play the games in online within the browser

Technical Specifications:

The basic information of RascalBoy Advance Emulator is

  • Emulator Name: RascalBoy Advance
  • Size:0.3MB
  • Console: Gameboy Advance
  • Version:
  • Cost: Free
  • Platform: Windows
  • Developed By: Lino Maglione

Features of  RascalBoy Advance Emulator:

The amazing  features  of RascalBoy Advance Emulator are

  • This emulator supports Super Game Boy and Super Game Boy 2 border and color palette
  • For Joystick it gives external wireless support
  • It also supports the GameBoy, GameBoy Color, and Game Boy Advance ROMs
  • This emulator can perfectly access the hacking and debugging tools along with loggers, viewers, and editors, and much more
  • It supports Fullscreen/Auto-rotation mode
  • Without using any external apps it perfectly records the audio and video
  • To enhance the display, it adds some graphic filters
  • In the Windows version, this emulator can freely access the advanced cheat codes
  • It can also give support to Game Shark for Game Boy Advance and Code Breaker
  • Ability to record the audio in WAV format and video in AVI format
  • It has a Game Boy Printer emulation

How to Download RascalBoy Advance Emulator on Windows?

For the successful  download of RascalBoy Advance Emulator on Windows, the user must follow some simple steps

  • First of all, the user must download the RascalBoy Advance Emulator on Windows
  • For  downloading the emulator simply click on the download button of the RascalBoy Advance GBA emulator for the Windows 32-bit/64-bit device
  • After completion of the download, extract the zip file into the new folder
  •  Now, it’s time to tap on the RascalBoy Advance.exe file and it takes few seconds to load the Emulator window screen
  • Finally, the emulator runs the Windows screen, then you must add the favorite Arcade ROM files and easily play the games

How to Download GBA ROMs on RascalBoy Advance Emulator?

  • Open the RascalBoy Advance Emulator on Windows
  • On the Emulator screen, select the File option that is located on the top bar
  • Next, select and tap on the Load ROM files and Run option or click on the Load ROM files option that is shown on the File menu options
  • If the device is already existing the ROM files then you must go to the export window  screen and select the Game files( Present the Rascal Boy Advance supports  .gba / .agb / .Zip / .elf / .bin / .rom format files)
  • If the device is not having any ROMs, Don’t worry simply move to the official page of GBA ROMs and download the favorite Arcade Games for free of cost
  • At last, bring the Game files and it’s time to run the favorite and popular pokemon games